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Deep Learning on GPUs is currently boosting AI’s massive leap into real-life applications: autopilots, intelligent automated assistants, real-time translation, image recognition, data sequencing and clustering. With the unprecedented computing power of NVIDIA GPUs, many automotive, robotics and big data companies are creating products and services based on a new class of intelligent machines.

This training course is intended for developers willing to rapidly get NVIDIA-based AI technology into new and existing software solutions. In 4 days we will walk from the necessary theory of image processing, statistics and convolutional neural networks to practical recipes of using Pytorch framework. Finally, course attendees will be guided to build up an AI software stack to deploy on a mobile platform.

Hands-ons: All discussed topics will be accompanied with practical sessions, using Pytorch framework with NVIDIA backend.

Exercises will be conducted either on attendee’s preferred systems, or on the provided GPU server with NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU: https://parallel-computing.pro/test-drive. All corresponding presentations and code samples will be available to attendees from the beginning of each training day.

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